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Nepalis on Manaslu: Yes, We’re Going Alpine Style

Teams on Manaslu are stuck in Base Camp because of high winds that were supposed to diminish on the weekend but have not. Simone Moro and Alex Txikon wait patiently or try to. Earlier today, ExWeb contacted Vinayak Jay Malla and Tenji Sherpa for det
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Manaslu: A Race Against the Snow

Nepal is enjoying an extraordinarily mild and dry winter, and conditions on Manaslu are autumn-like. Here, where the greatest danger is the risk of avalanches, this can make all the difference. But can the two teams get to the mountain in time? I
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K2 Crowds Arrive in Pakistan; Nepali Duo off to Manaslu

On this first day of winter, dozens of climbers have arrived in Islamabad, ready to make mountaineering history, for good or bad. Elsewhere, others are bound for “quieter” Manaslu and Broad Peak. After playing cat-and-mouse for weeks about her w
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