Commuting 90 minutes may seem normal for an adult in big city traffic. Similar but different, I too had a 90 minute commute however I was a child on foot making my way to school in Solokhumbu.

Sandals were a luxury and running shoes were unheard of yet I knew no different. Porters and guides, supporting their families by way of the mountain, as I made my way to school, I watched my brothers and villagers head off from Gudel towards the world’s highest peaks. I soon followed in their footsteps as a means to pay for college in Kathmandu.

My Mission

(1) Carefully calculating risk, the environmental impact and climbers experience; and,
(2) developing the skills, confidence of every climber I guide.

My Vision

Adventurers from around the globe will recognize the strength of local support to meet their climbing goals in the Himalayas of Nepal.

My Goal

To help climbers from around the world meet their personal climbing goals in the mountains of my home country, Nepal.


Taking only well calculated risks, safety is always my first priority.
My safety first approach begins long before the expedition itself by building a relationship with each climber to get to know their confidence level and goals upon consideration of committing to climbing together. I work with that to ensure each climber is fully prepared with a positive mindset before and throughout each expedition.


Building strength and endurance in addition to mental preparation for high altitude climbing is essential. To ensure those I guide are fully prepared physically and mentally prior to beginning an expedition, I meet virtually to discuss training and techniques.
Climbers will enjoy and are more likely to be successful for high altitude climbing by being prepared for long, challenging days in the Himalayas.


"teamwork makes the dream work"

Nepal Mountaineering Association







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