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My Hero Tenji Sherpa – Peer Grossmann


“I could simply say now – Tenji is an excellent mountain guide of the Himalaya and 7 times Everest summiter including once without O2 ! For me, Tenji embodies a new, young and knowledgeable generation of mountain guides I was lucky and was with Tenji on Lobuche, I was with him all alone on Island Peak and on Ama Dablam and yes I would entrust my life to him today with blindfolded eyes without hesitation. Without exaggerating – but I have never experienced in my life such a young person, who knows so sensitive, accurate and knowledgeable always exactly what you just need on the mountain, how you feel right now and how he can help you if necessary! His physical and also spiritual strength, which he gives to his companion, I can not describe with words. I would not like to leave another, and actually much more important thing, unmentioned here in any case. Tenji knows what he is doing. He has more experience, knowledge and skills in the mountains than I would ever have believed such a young person . Thank you Tenji – you made me experience Nepal and the Himalayas. I can really only give everyone the following advice: You want to follow the “freedom idea” and explore Nepal and the Himalayas ALONE? – because you think you can?! Please don’t do it! Join people like Tenji and I promise you – you will experience, breathe and feel the Himalayas – AND – you will come back home safely.




Tenji sherpa as well as being a dear friend is for me one of the best guides who have accompanied me over the years. tenji is always very professional and is able to create a good relationship of trust in its customers. with tenji I had two beautiful trekking experiences in the Himalayas. I have also been in the Dolomites with him and I appreciated his technical skills. certainly he is one of the best mountaineers of these years, it is no coincidence that the best mountaineers of the moment want him with them. I don’t think it is necessary to mention his successes I can only say that for me he is the best although he is still very young he has accumulated a lot of experience


Ryan Argenta

Everest Summiter 2021

“Tenji Sherpa is the champion of the Himalayas! He is an amazing human, a true professional, and an inspirational leader. Tenji’s attention to detail, patience, and expert guidance and instruction set him apart from any guide I have ever worked with. His friendly personality and calm demeanor, even during the most challenging of times, help keep the expedition moving smoothly and safely. Tenji is highly respected amongst the climbing community and even other expeditions hold him in the highest regard. As a client that gives you great confidence in your guide’s leadership and decision making. It was that decision-making that made our climb on Mount Everest successful. I am proud to call Tenji a friend. I look forward to climbing with and learning from him again soon.” – Ryan