I Paid Their Fees as well as School Items for Chheskam School & Gudel School.

Hello everyone,

To be honest, education played a vital role in my ups and downs of my life. As a person who has wandered through a lot of places and peaks of the motherland, I know that learning and acquiring knowledge plays an important role in other’s lives too. Which is why I always want to support our own children who are in need of education.

I recently got a chance to raise absolute funds to continue donating basic schooling needs as such; stationery items, bags, school uniforms and shoes to 15 students. I am very lucky to handover to 15 students from Chheskam School and 15 students from Gudel school.

Today, I happy of being myself seeing these children be able to get these items right before them. They don’t have to worry about the things now except focus on their studies. With a bright hope, at this age, for them to grow fundamentally.

Most importanttly, I’ve cleared their school fees and provided tuition class to the 50 percent. Knowing that these children will grow someday and I will be smiling along with them together. Someone who received support at this stage of life them through their hard times will be remembered.

It really makes me feel alive and proud. I hope that the people who have the ability to help anyyone in this world can live in with harmony and peace.

God bless everyone.
Tenji Sherpa.