COVID-19 Relief Distribution Program in Mahakulung

Lots of smiles in the Mahakulung Rural Municipality today.

Special thanks to SCARPA for this generous donation effort which helped villages of Mamerku and Boksur, to distribute 30 kg of rice, cooking oil, and sugar.

With Scarpa’s support, we are able to continue onward to Gudel tomorrow to bring more Relief distribution program ~ light in these dark times.

Amidst endless monsoon rains, 240 families each were gifted 30 kg of rice and food supplies while neighbouring schools and Health Posts have been provided with sanitation and medical supplies.

With washed-out roads and limited access to the region, logistics have been a mountain. Hundreds of hands and hearts have been behind this project that @scarpaspa has backed.

Thanks to each and every person who has helped ignite light and hope in these difficult days.

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